Olive Mount Redevelopment:

February 2003

Following the decision of Liverpool City Council's Planning Committee
on 19 December 2002 to carry out a site visit, and its decision on 19 January 2003 to defer consideration of the LHAT/Wimpey planning application pending a review of various aspects of the scheme, the Council's Planning Manager is to report back to the Committee on 25 February 2003.

Once again the Planning Manager is recommending approval of Planning Application No.02F/0792, subject to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) not wishing to intervene.

The text of the new report (Agenda Item D1) is reproduced here for future reference.


Purpose of Report

Green Space and Visual Amenity Value

Recreational function

Visual amenity value

Links to other green spaces

Nature conservation value

Traffic Safety and Congestion

Design of Patio Bungalows


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