From the Wavertree Society's Newsletter 137, September 2001:


A series of planning and listed building consent applications have now been submitted in connection with the proposed conversion and extension of the Blue Coat School. The plan - as described at the Public Meeting held on 24th May - is to convert the South Wing and part of the West Wing into flats; to build a new three-storey residential block on the site of the former laundry building; to refurbish the Church Road frontage buildings for the holding of private functions (e.g. wedding receptions in conjunction with the Chapel), the display of Blue Coat artefacts and as professional offices; to refurbish the Shirley Hall, the North Wing and part of the West Wing for continued School use; and to build a two-storey flat-roofed extension (containing modern classrooms, a dining room and sports hall) and staff car park on the area between the existing School and the Holy Trinity churchyard.

The most controversial aspect of this scheme is probably the choice of materials for the extension: a combination of copper panels (starting off brown, but turning to green over a period of about 50 years) and cedar wood (again starting brown, but weathering to a silver-grey colour). The architects have also opted for a 'modern' style school entrance, which will be located at the north end of the existing frontage rather than under the clock tower as at present.

We hope that copies of the plans will be on display at the School on Heritage Open Day
(9th September) so that local residents can form their own opinion.

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