From the Wavertree Society's Newsletter 138, October 2001:


The Society's Committee discussed the plans for the Blue Coat School (see last Newsletter) at its meeting in early September. We wrote to the City Council's Planning Department to say that:

  • We have no objection to the principle of part-residential use, or to the creation of a new school entrance at the north end of the existing Church Road frontage.

  • We do, however, strongly object to the bulky white 'shell' housing the proposed entrance, which we feel would be an obtrusive feature detracting both from the adjacent listed buildings and the surrounding residential area.

  • We also object to the materials - copper and cedar wood - proposed for the new school extension. Such a sensitive location is not, we feel, the place to use materials which change their colour so dramatically - and perhaps unpredictably - following installation.

We understand that a decision is likely to be made by the Council in November, and that the scheduled completion date for the 'new' school is Spring 2004.

(View Pictures of the proposed extension)

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