Wavertree Garden Suburb Conservation Area

The map below is reproduced from the Ordnance Survey of 1925: fifteen years after the development of the Garden Suburb began, and ten years after building work was abandoned following the outbreak of the First World War. The green line indicates the boundary of the Wavertree Garden Suburb Conservation Area, as designated in 1971.

On the eastern (right-hand) side of the map is Queens Drive, Liverpool's ring road which was created at the same time as the Garden Suburb. In the north-west corner of the map is Northway, with houses built by Liverpool City Council in the early 1920s as part of the Edge Lane Drive estate.

All of the houses in the Conservation Area - with the exception of the semi-detached Victorian villas on the north side of Heywood Road - were built by Liverpool Garden Suburb Tenants Ltd, as were the houses shown on the map to the south of Thingwall Road. The Liverpool Unitary Development Plan proposes the extension of the Conservation Area to include all of these original Garden Suburb houses.

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