Why is the Garden Suburb special?

"Wavertree Garden Suburb is a
community in a garden ... an important
example of good civic design and
town planning"                                         

Liverpool City Planning Officer 1974

Wavertree Garden Suburb was built between 1910 and 1915 by Liverpool Garden Suburb Tenants Ltd - a 'co-partnership' housing company in which the tenants themselves were shareholders. The original intention was that the estate should comprise up to 1,800 houses, but only 360 had been built before the First World War brought development to a halt.

The houses began to be sold off to owner occupiers in the 1930s, but the Institute remains as a reminder of the community ideals of the Suburb's founders. Most of the original houses - together with the row of shops in Wavertree Nook Road and the Victorian villas in
Heywood Road - became part of the Wavertree Garden Suburb Conservation Area
in 1971.

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This is how 'The Builder' magazine reported its creation in 1914:

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