SANDOWN HALL, Nether Alderley


Modern farming and land use methods have resulted in a denuded landscape characterised by large fields with limited woodland, hedgerow trees and hedgerows. Currently the site is representative of the wider area and lacks the best traditional features associated with this area of Cheshire; full mature hedgerows with hedgerow trees and blocks of woodland plantation linking areas of existing woodland. Simplistic management regimes currently being undertaken are not enough to support a complex and varied ecology and do not contribute to the sustainable management of the existing landscape. The landscape proposals involve improvements which would increase tree and hedge cover both within the site and around the perimeter. All the classic ingredients of the Cheshire landscape would encourage bio-diversity. The proposed landscape setting would contain the following landscape features;

1.  Woodland belts and copses planted with native species to the perimeter of the site linking together existing areas of woodland which would also offer potential screening and containment of views

2.  Hedgerow trees planted within proposed hedges and adjacent to existing hedgerows.

3.  Mixed hawthorn boundary hedges planted to the remainder of the site perimeter and managed using 'A' section principal to assist regeneration of hedgerow trees.

4.  Pasture grazed by livestock.

5.  Field ponds
re-introduced within new woodland planting.

This ecologically improved landscape would provide potential habitats for all the protected species that were absent on the site and lead to their reintroduction into this area of the Cheshire. It would also create an improved setting for the existing farmland and the proposed Alderley Bypass.

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