February 2003:


The following Report was issued on behalf of the School by the Derek Hicks & Thew Partnership, architects:

Phase Two:

Progress on the second phase of works, relating to the new extension have continued over the last month at a rapid pace. The final elements of the steelwork frame are due to be completed within the next two weeks, which will complete the structural frame and enclosed the new courtyard. The status of the works and the various elements are:
Science wing, mechanical and electrical installations are now commencing with internal door frames to be installed by the end of the month. Externally to the science wing the brickwork is now complete to the required level and the copper cladding will be installed within two weeks. The first copper to be installed will be to the Prince Alfred Road elevation and will be pre patinated copper, providing a contrast with the traditional red brick building. Quickly following on from this the aluminium windows shall be installed completing the external envelope of the science wing.
Sports Hall: The roof to the sports hall is now completed and internal walls are be taken up to the underside of the roof. Floors will be installed before the end of the month and preparatory works to cedar clad external walls will commence towards the end of the month, along with the commencement of the mechanical and electrical works within these areas.
Entrance Block: The new entrance on Church Road is at the stage of having the external walls constructed. Whilst this element does not look as progressed as the Prince Alfred Road elevation, the entrance will still be completed for the new academic term in Autumn 2003. The new external walkways to the existing building are now being constructed with the difficult insertion of the new steelwork frame next to the existing building being carefully co- ordinated and organised. These pieces are the final parts of the steelwork and allow the full scale of development to be seen.

The new internal courtyard within the existing building areas is now completed and will be available for the school to use in early February 2003. The new courtyard created by the development will be completed for September 2003 and will be the location of the buried time capsule which has been organised by the school.

The overall development of the project is on programme for the completion of phase 2 in the summer of 2003 to enable to new facilities to be used from September 2003.

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© Derek Hicks & Thew
Partnership 2003

Development Photographs
February 2003

Copper Preparatory Work (above)

New Walkway Steelwork (right)

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