January 2003:


The following Report was issued on behalf of the School by the Derek Hicks & Thew Partnership, architects:

Phase Two:

Works continue with the installation of steelwork frame elements, precast concrete floors and the roof construction, with the roof over the sports hall being completed later in the month. All of the external windows for the new building have now arrived on site awaiting installation in February 2003, and detailed discussions have now taken place regarding the high level copper cladding works and the large areas of glazed curtain walling. Samples of the glass panels to be used in some of the windows have been issued and the weight of some of the glass panels due to their physical size is approaching 500kg and special lifting machines will be used to install these items.

Rooflights over the science staff areas have now been installed and rooflights for the other areas have been delivered to suit awaiting installation to suit the programme for the remaining roof.

The continued works in the construction of the internal walls has completed the science wing, with the classrooms now formed and the sizes of the classrooms can now been seen, with other areas internal walls following on behind. The continued installation of the precast flooring has included the new staircases and this has now allowed the building to be walked around at first floor level. The remaining staircase to the new west link will be installed once the west link steelwork has been erected.

The new mechanical and electrical services to the new block are being planned for commencement in late January 2003, following extensive discussions with staff over their requirements these items. Continuing discussions with the head of IT are taking place to ensure that suitable IT infrastructure is installed at this time.

The school have placed orders for the new sports hall equipment which includes roof mounted basketball goals along with perspex backboards, along with cricket nets, practice basketball goals.

New furniture for the science classrooms and preparation areas has now been ordered and all colours of units has been selected by the school, whom have opted for a natural ash finish to the science room furniture. All the furniture is bespoke and is being made to suit the specific requirements of the school by a company based in Wigan whom have worked with DHT on other school projects. The furniture for these areas is due to be installed to the science areas in April 2003.

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Development Photographs
January 2003

Entrance Block (top left)

Circulation Routes in Entrance Block (far left)

Combination of new and existing (near left)

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Partnership 2003

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