March 2002:



"In reference to the issues raised by the Wavertree Society, we comment as follows:

  • The glazed brickwork features are proposed to be blue and not green. This revised information was submitted at the time of issue of the revised elevations. These bricks are to be used as feature areas only and do not constitute the majority of the brickwork.

  • We agree with the proposals to use a red brick, and we will be attempting to source a brick which complements the existing. We will also be utilising an imperial brick at the immediate junction of the new and existing to the front elevation, returning to metric 'brickwork in' all door locations.

  • The issue of the selection of pre-patinated copper has sought to resolve the problem of the unpredictable weathering of the copper and hence provide a uniform appearance, which the use of Tech-Oxid and Tech Classic would prevent. Whilst the issue of treating the copper to prevent its patination may have been raised previously it is a surface application which neither the manufacturer nor installers are particularly comfortable with, as it negates the inherent qualities of copper. Furthermore any damage to this surface applied finish would lead to patination occurring and hence a visual appearance which is unpredictable and uncontrollable. As such in order to provide this constant look of the copper we believe the proposed pre-patinated copper offers the best solution to this.

  • In regard to the extent of Western Red Cedar, we have attempted in discussions with the Client, to limit the areas in which the cedar is taken to the lower level. The outcome of this exercise has resulted in the timber being taken to the ground in two areas where it is felt that this is vital in maintaining the coherency of the external elevations. We believe that its removal to higher levels in these areas would unbalance the aesthetic produced."

J Harris

27 March 2002

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