From the Wavertree Society's Newsletter 132 (September 2000):

Sandown Hall: the final chapter?

On 29th June it was announced that the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions was granting listed building consent for the demolition of Sandown Hall. The Secretary of State's decision letter was critical both of the owners and of Liverpool City Council, for failing to protect the hall and to prevent its deterioration. The decision followed two public inquiries - at which the Wavertree Society was a principal objector.

Shortly afterwards, we wrote to the City Council's Chief Executive, asking amongst other things for:

(i) details of the Section 106 legal agreement which will apparently secure the secure the salvage of various components of the building;

(ii) an assurance that the Secretary of State's criticism will be fully reported to the Council and that all practicable steps will be taken to avoid a recurrence;

(iii) details of the proposed criminal proceedings against the owners; and

(iv) an assurance that the Council will require the owners to have the asbestos removed by experts prior to any demolition work taking place.

As yet, we have not received answers to any of these questions.

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