SANDOWN HALL, Nether Alderley


The landscape of Nether Alderley is semi-rural in character. The fields are predominantly pasture enclosed by native hawthorn hedges with a generous scattering of hedgerow trees. The fields were traditionally 3-5 acres in size but many hedgerows have been cleared to make larger expanses up to 12 acres in size. There are several belts of trees which help to contain views. Several roads run through the area including the A34, a heavily trafficked destination route. The Alderley Bypass, which links to the A34, has been approved for construction within the next few years.

Within a mile of the site is the large Astra Zeneca campus, Matthews Nursery and Garden Centre, a large sand and gravel works, numerous farms and a listed old manor house of a similar scale to Sandown Hall. Individual houses are scattered occasionally along the roads.

The landscape is busy and varied but held together by the consistency of fields, hedgerows and belts of trees. As with many modem landscapes the health of fanned land has been allowed to weaken and become stripped of original landscape features.

The proposed site for Sandown Hall and Estate falls into the category of weakened landscape and is overly bare. It would benefit both physically and visually from new planting and a sustainable management regime to allow existing landscape features to be retained.

Above: Extract from an aerial photograph taken in 2000

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