SANDOWN HALL, Nether Alderley


Sandown Hall and estate was a fine example of architecture and landscape architecture that was created at a significant point in British History. It conveyed the confidence, drive and achievements of the business leaders at the height of the industrial revolution.

A far less able set of forces ultimately let the house and estate decline to a critical point 7 years ago by which time the cost of repair far outweighed any commercial value the Hall may have commanded. Public money was not available for a rescue mission and despite enormous on the part of the Wavertree Society, the conservation team at Liverpool City Council, English Heritage and council members the decision to allow Sandown Hall to be taken down was reluctantly given by the appeal inspector.

An important element of the decision to allow the Hall to be taken down was the preparation of a section 106 agreement which specified that the external fabrics of the Hall should be carefully recorded and taken down, and that certain key features should be reconstructed as a memorial to the Hall. To date the hall has been taken down carefully and stored securely, but no fitting reconstruction has been made.

This application is unique as it offers the opportunity for the Hall and Estate to be restored to the condition of its hey day. We consider the site and its context to be appropriate as it is semi-rural in character with a range of buildings, estates and commercial activities all within a small radius.

The Hall and Estate would not be a museum piece, it would be rebuilt according to the same aspirations that caused the Hall to be constructed in the first place namely confidence and an aim to create a place of quality. The reconstruction can display the past but also speak for now in the way of care and resourcefulness.

The project will be unique due to the process involved, it deserves a chance to succeed.

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