SANDOWN HALL, Nether Alderley

This Design Statement sets out the proposals to reconstruct Sandown Hall, a Grade II listed building formerly in Wavertree, Liverpool. The Hall, which was previously noted for its exceptional qualities, went through a period of decline and was unfortunately taken down in 2000 after a lengthy appeal process which had sought to maintain the Hall.

Left:  Sandown Hall in its original Wavertree setting

The proposal, which is described in detail in this statement, is for the Hall to be rebuilt within gardens and a parkland setting that would recreate the original context. The proposed site of approximately 10 hectares is near Nether Alderley, Cheshire.


This statement should be read alongside the following documents which form part of the planning application:

1.  Planning Statement by Emery Planning Partnership
2.  Historical Architectural Appraisal by the Architecture History Practice Ltd

This design statement seeks to describe:

  • the magnificence of Sandown Hall in its heyday

  • the circumstances that led to the Hall being taken down in 2000

  • the efforts that were taken to preserve the fabric of the Hall and its present storage

  • the suitability of a new location in Nether Alderley

  • the landscape context of Nether Alderley

  • the conservation and design process to recreate a rural parkland estate

  • the conservation and design process to recreate a garden setting for the reconstructed Hall

  • the design process for suitable and complimentary outbuildings for the Hall

  • a review of the landscape and ecological improvements that would be brought to the area by the reconstruction of the Hall and gardens in a parkland setting

  • a visual impact analysis of the reconstructed Hall and gardens

This is an extremely unusual project without precedent in this country.

Right: Sandown Hall

Above: Extract from a drawing by JamesA Brierley, c.1830

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