SANDOWN HALL, Nether Alderley


The existing and proposed native hedges, woodland belts and pasture form an appropriate parkland setting within which the Hall would be sited. The proposed Estate entrance is to be re-located towards the south-east comer of the site. This achieves improved sight lines, which conform to Local Authority guidelines, and reflects the orientation and format of original of the Hall. The existing site entrance is to be gapped up with hedging. The access track sweeps from the proposed entrance, through pasture and existing and proposed trees, over a cattle grid and towards the front of the Hall. The Hall is located within the central area of the site associating it with the existing building enclave at Yarwoods. The track splits and to the front of the Hall is a drop-off forecourt. The track continues to the east, passing through a rhododendron copse and woodland, towards the rear of the Hall and associated outbuildings.

The parallels that exist between the Wavertree and Nether Alderley sites have enabled the spirit of the original layout to determine the proposed landscape layout.

"Sandown Hall on its new site at Nether Alderley will not be in quite the same relationship to a city as it was at Wavertree, but the new ensemble of house and setting will be placed in a landscape where field boundaries and existing planting can absorb it without damage. Although the land is designated as Green Belt, visual inspection and the aerial photograph shows that this landscape is not of high aesthetic quality and that committed management could improve it."

F Kelsall

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