Lance Lane

Turn left into Lance Lane, named after Thomas Lance (1769-1829) an insurance broker who owned property here. Walk alongside the playing-field fence until you are opposite the new Medical Centre, beyond Tulip Road. Cross the road at this point, and continue walking until you reach the end of Lance Grove. The Wavertree Enclosure Map of 1769 shows a small group of buildings here, including a 'Tyth Barn' set back from the road and reached by means of a trackway, but none of these buildings appears to have survived into the twentieth century.

The old Cenacle Convent, situated just beyond Lance Grove, was demolished in 1991 to make way for a new private housing estate. The convent had been built about 1910 on the site of The Elms, a large Georgian mansion.

Walk along Lance Lane past this estate, which - at the suggestion of the Wavertree Society - has been given the name Tithebarn Grove. When the new houses were built, efforts were made to retain as many as possible of the mature trees which were such a feature of the site. The fifty which survived are now the subject of a Tree Preservation Order.

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