Orford Street

Stop on the corner of Sandown Lane and Orford Street, in front of the Edinburgh pub. Every house in Orford Street is a Listed Building, and undoubtedly it is the most attractive street in Wavertree Village. The houses are all of a similar style, though they differ considerably in detail, suggesting that several builders were involved. Contemporary maps and Census records reveal that almost all of the houses were built between 1848 and 1852. By the time of the 1851 Census 24 of the houses - out of the present day total of 36 - were occupied, the residents including 6 'annuitants', 2 joiners, a plasterer, an upholsterer, a gardener, a cart owner, a 'professor of dancing', a school master, a printer, a master mariner and a banker's accountant. In 1875 Gore's Directory listed the occupations of 32 of the householders, including 5 gardeners, 4 coachmen, 3 joiners, 2 blacksmiths and 2 artists. So, by and large, the residents of Orford Street earned their living not by commuting to Liverpool, but by 'serving' the wealthy inhabitants of the larger houses elsewhere in the village.

As already mentioned, the laying-out of Orford Street was the idea of Dr Kenyon, whose High Street residence backed on to it and whose wife was Ann Orford (daughter of a wealthy merchant, William Orford of Everton). This pattern - of professional or business men acting as local property developers - seems to have been quite common in Victorian Wavertree.

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