From the Wavertree Society's Newsletter 132, September 2000:


On 17th July the Governors of the Liverpool Blue Coat School voted by 13 to 6 not to move from its existing Wavertree site, and instead they now intend to seek funds for the School's refurbishment. The Governors' advisers, Aquila Consultancy Services of London, had concluded that the only available and affordable site within  the city boundary was the former Lee Manor High School (ex-Netherley Comprehensive). The Foundation Governors, with the support of the parents' representatives, rejected this site outright, feeling that the location - in an area remote from the existing School - would be unsuitable. The Headmaster, the staff representatives and the LEA Governors, on the other hand, wanted it to be considered further.
On 6th September a delegation from the School met the Education Minister - Jacqui Smith MP - in London, and handed over a revised plan for the refurbishment of the Wavertree buildings. We understand that this has been costed at £8 million (i.e. the sum already offered by the government and the Blue Coat Foundation) rather than the £20 million which critics of the refurbishment plan had suggested would be needed. Both the Minister and the Leader of the City Council have previously stated, in correspondence,  that any decision is a matter for the Governors, and we very much hope that all sides will now co-operate in seeing the plans through to fruition.

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