From the Wavertree Society's Newsletter 140, March 2002:

The Blue Coat Going GREEN?

New architects have now been appointed to finalise the plans for extending the Blue Coat School towards Holy Trinity churchyard. As a result, considerable amendments are being proposed to the original scheme. Mostly these affect the internal layout - in particular, the floor levels have been adjusted to fit better with the existing building, and the distribution of the various uses within the new extension has been improved - but there are also significant changes to the proposed external appearance.

Instead of 'natural' copper (starting golden-brown, but turning to green over a period of 15-50 years) the new architects plan to use 'pre-patinated' copper cladding, which will be green right from the start. And, to reduce the risk of damage, clay brickwork will be used in place of the copper at ground-floor level. The new sports hall - which is now to be located on the Church Road rather than the Prince Alfred Road side of the extension - will be almost entirely cedar clad (above the brick plinth) but will be largely hidden from public view owing to the slope of the ground.

We have welcomed several of these changes - notably the introduction of brickwork and the abandonment of 'natural' copper - but are unhappy at the prospect of green copper dominating the new elevations. We have suggested that 'oxidised' copper - which has a permanent dark-brown colour - should be used instead. A decision on the planning application is expected during April, with building work due to start in July.

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